Roof Shedding

roof shedding

Roof shedding is when roof tiles or roof shingles fall off the roof. That’s it.  There isn’t much to roof shedding but you really need to worry when roof shedding happens because it means that your roof has a problem that needs repair.  A lot of problems can cause roof shedding and if that is the case then you’ll want to get on the roof and take a look at all of your shingles, especially in areas near where your shed tiles/shingles are located, and see what kind of shape they’re in (are they curling up?  Are they still sticking down tight?).

If there are missing roof tiles or roof shingles, you might be able to patch the roof yourself using roofing cement, roofing tar, or roof shingle adhesive.  Some roof repairs are more complicated than others though so be sure to take care of roof shedding quickly.

If you have roof shedding then it’s also a good idea for you to check your roof flashing and your skylight flashings because sometimes they can come loose or get damaged which will cause roofing problems that result in roof tiles/shingles coming off of your roof.

Advantage of Roof Shedding

Roof shedding can be a good thing because roof shedding is roof maintenance.  In roofing, when something falls off of your roof then that’s usually a sign that you need to pay attention to it before it becomes a big problem, and the longer roof tiles or roof shingles stay on your roof the more they’re going to wear down.

Sometimes people will tell you that roof problems aren’t really problems until they damage your home or cause leaks in your ceiling but roofs are important too and if you want a long-lasting roof then you’ll need to take care of it.

The disadvantage of Roof Shedding

The disadvantage of Roof Shedding is roof shedding might indicate roof problems that need to be attended to right away.  It’s not much of a problem if you have roof tiles or roof shingles that are only slightly curling up at the edges but it makes sense that you should check into roof repair if your roof tiles or roof shingles are curling up enough so that water isn’t draining off of the roof properly anymore.

Be sure to take care of roof shedding as quickly as possible because if you let roof shedding go on for too long then your roof could end up with worse problems, like mold or leaks, and those can cause more damage than an occasionally broken tile or missing shingle.  One thing leads to another and roofs aren’t cheap so roof shed and roof shed carefully.

Commercial Building Roof Shedding


You’re not the only one who has roof problems and roofing problems.  Commercial buildings can have roof shedding too and if your roof isn’t properly maintained then you could be in for a world of trouble when it comes to roof repairs.

When roof tiles or roof shingles fall off of a commercial building’s roof then they’ll most likely break apart when they hit the ground so if you have a roof drainage problem at your business location you might want to check your roof drains regularly, especially near the edges where falling tiles/shingles are more likely to land.

It’s also a good idea for businesses that have a flat roof with no gutters to putting up signage around their property warning people about falling tiles/shingles.  You don’t want roof tiles or roof shingles to hurt someone and roof tiles can hurt people pretty badly if they hit them on the head.

Commercial roofers are generally more expensive than residential roofers but it’s worth it to hire a commercial roofer because commercial roof repair is usually more complicated than residential roof repair, especially when you have metal roofs on your building.

Sometimes businesses will try to handle their own commercial roof problems which can be really dangerous for employees who are working near the edge of the roof where falling tiles/shingles are most likely to land.  If you’re doing roof repairs then hire a professional roofer instead of trying to do it yourself unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Cost Of Roof Shedding Repair

The roofing material you have will determine the cost of roof shedding repair.  It’s usually really cheap to replace roof tiles when they fall off of a roof but roof shingles are more expensive and if you have a roof with different types of roof tiles on it then that can get pretty expensive.

You might need to file a claim with your insurance company after roof shed in order for them to pay for most roof repairs because most homeowners’ insurance policies cover damage from falling objects, including roof tiles.  Don’t worry about filing a claim right away unless your insurance company tells you that you need to do so within a certain time frame because most companies require written notice within 30 or 60 days of an incident in order to be able to pay for roof shedding repair.

Who to call for Roof Repair in Roof Shedding?

Your roof might need roof repairs for roof shedding reasons but if you’re not sure then it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected by a roofing contractor before you start spending lots of money on roof repairs.  A roofing contractor will give you an honest assessment of whether or not your roof needs roof repairs and they won’t gouge you with prices because they know that if their prices are higher than other roofers’ prices then people won’t hire them, so they keep their prices reasonable instead of trying to rip people off.

The best thing about hiring a professional roofer is that most companies offer free estimates and they can do partial work (ie: replace 5 tiles) as well as a full replacement if you need a commercial roofing expert, you can call Chicago’s best commercial roofing expert.