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Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing System

The company’s headquarters and showroom are in the Chicago, IL metro area, so let’s guide Campopiano Roofing through the benefits of a modified bitumen roof. Modified bitumen is a type of built-in – roofing material, similar to traditional modified bitumen roofing materials, also known as tar and gravel roofs. Modifiers such as rubber, plastics, and polymers are added to standard roofs such as asphalt. Although modified bitumen (MB) has been developed for its ability to cover in various weather conditions, it has been used for many years. 

The modified bitumen membrane consists of a polymer modified from asphalt, which is reinforced with one or more pylons. It can be applied to everything from DensDeck polyisocyanurate insulation to make it suitable as a modified bitumen roofing material for residential and commercial buildings, but it can also include any surface material used in the factory. Cover plates can also be used to retrofit applications that extend the life of old roofs and improve thermal insulation. 

Modified Bitumen Roofing

If you would like to learn more about modified bitumen roofs, call Roofing Chicago Hub today and fill out our contact form to arrange a convenient time to meet and discuss your needs. Our modified bitumen roofing systems specialists are very experienced and know how to use modified bitumen and other liquid – applied – roofing systems material and help you choose the best material for your building. If you suspect that your roof is leaking or has other problems, you can call us free of charge on-site. We will match or beat any other roofer from Chicago who offers a comparable level of performance. 

If your commercial building has a built-in roof or modified bitumen roof system, our experienced modified bitumen roofers can carry out high-quality flat roof repairs. Our Infinity Exteriors roofer extends the life of bitumen flat roofs by expertly installing, maintaining, and repairing them according to the manufacturer’s strict specifications and maintaining your building’s warranty. To learn more about our roofing systems and to get more information about how to build your roof, call Commercial Roofing Chicago Hub for modified bitumen roofing today and fill out our contact form. 

Roofing Systems

We carry out comprehensive inspections of roofs of all types of bitumen roof systems before installing them. To save on inspections and other warranty and warranty costs, and until the material manufacturer checks the system, our contractors ignore the manufacturer’s specifications and install the roof at will, including a modified bitumen roofing systems membrane that is not attached.

We have engaged mechanical contractors to repair the pipes for the rest of the project on standby, just in case. While our building maintenance staff can be highly competent in many areas, even the best of our staff are not always able to eliminate leaks caused by the installation of faulty leaks. The contractors are not always aware of what can happen when cutting corners and we have a mechanical contractor who we have brought in to repair the pipes during the remaining work just in case. 

We are used to taking into account unusual scheduling issues of customers and we are glad we do, but there was a warehouse – a related remedy that was quite unusual. The hard hats were very interesting for the children and distracted them from camp activities. 

The church held a summer camp during the three weeks the roof was replaced, so this was a priority over the roof work. At that time we stopped the operation so as not to disturb the process, but nothing bad happened to the building, which had no air conditioning for a while in the middle of summer. 

This allowed the bitumen roofing tracks to move and even blow around so that the yard staff had to put the plates down again on a particularly windy day. The result is that the first thing you notice is that it looks like bitumen roofing. So the crew had to stay away from the edges of the buildings while the children were outside. This was a request that we were very happy to accept, and not only because it was the first time we had received such a request. 

The church received an excellent price for roofing of this size but unfortunately had to be treated on the day of the installation. Although the roofing could have been repaired, we felt it was necessary to replace it. The time to get the roofing back was about the time we saw the roofs of the churches in Norcross. 

There was a problem with the flashing lights of the entire roof system, and some edge details were not installed correctly. Fortunately, the metal deck of the plant was in good condition, but the EPS and snow cleaning had to be done to remove the bitumen roofing and antiquated EPS. We suggested removing all EPS from the progress and taking over system by system until there were no problems with the flashing light or the entire covered installation. Although we were not able to recycle the modified bitumen roofing material, we are pleased to have been able to recycle EPS! 

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