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Commercial Roofing Chicago Hub

We’ve been providing professional commercial roofing throughout Chicago, Illinois for more than two decades. We’ve built our reputation as one of the leading roofing contractor companies in Chicago through our tireless work to bring our customers not only premium roofing materials and advanced techniques, but the best commercial roofers in the business. Our team of commercial roofers is professional, skilled and efficient to ensure your commercial building or office is fully restored, protected and weatherproof for years to come. We are the area’s best roofing company, so what are you waiting for?

We provide roof installation and roof estimates that are ACCURATE and INCLUSIVE, ensuring no surprises down the track. Our flat roof and commercial roofing services in Chicago includes the following services:


Commercial Roof Installation & Replacement, Including Rounded & Flat Roof


Commercial Roof Repair & Refurbishment, Including Rounded & Flat Roof


Metal Roofing Retrofit & Coating Refurbishment


Commercial Roof Cleaning, Flashing, & Maintenance


Scheduled or One-Off Commercial Roofing Throughout Chicago

We are the roofing company in Chicago that you can trust! Our team of commercial roofers is passionate, helpful and knowledgeable, always ensuring that you receive the best commercial installation and repairs in Chicago at the most affordable price. Check out our premier roofing services here.

Get in touch with our team today for a fully inclusive roof installation or roof estimate. One of our commercial roofers will come to your location to assess your requirements for roofing in Chicago. They’ll ensure that you’re getting the best suited services to meet your roofing needs; they won’t underquote or include any unnecessary services. We are known to be the best roofing contractor in Chicago.

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Commercial Roof Installation Services

Whether it’s brand new roof, a replacement or a retrofit, our commercial roofers have the expertise to provide the best commercial roofing services in Chicago. We’ll offer guidance and consultation, based on our vast knowledge and experience, in regards to the best suited roofing option for your needs. Our skilled team of commercial and residential roofing contractors use the highest quality materials to ensure your roof protects your commercial building against the harsh Chicago weather not only now, but long into the future. We have served over 25 years as roofing contractor in Chicago,il. You can be assured that we have a proven track record of providing the best roofing contractor services in the area.

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Commercial Roof Repair Services

Chicago is notorious for its harsh weather that could do major damage to your commercial property if your roof isn’t watertight, or is in a state of disrepair. We know that weather is unpredictable and damage can happen without prior warning, that’s why we offer emergency and on demand commercial repairs throughout Chicago,IL.

Get quick and affordable repairs in Chicago to ensure your commercial property is fully protected and weatherproof. Like most roofing companies in Chicago, we suggest addressing roof damage as soon as it appears. Damage that isn’t repaired quickly can become a big issue down the track, as well as a major expense.

Don’t wait until you need an entire roof replacement, get our commercial roofers to provide high quality repairs for your Chicago property. They’ll provide thorough, professional and efficient services to ensure that your roof seal, weatherproof and protect your commercial property.

As one of the leading Chicago roofers, we guarantee that our workmanship will last. Our professional commercial roofers combine their skills with premium materials to ensure that your roof is repaired to the highest quality. If you’re looking for roof insulation services, check out roofing contractor in Chicago,IL.

Speak to one of our commercial roofers to get your repair FREE estimate today! So what are you waiting for? And get your roof done by the best roofing contractors in Chicago,IL

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As a leading roofing company in Chicago, we’ve built our reputation around providing exceptional commercial roofing services for over two decades. Our team of commercial and residential roofing contractors is passionate, helpful and knowledgeable, ensuring that every customer receives the best commercial installation and repairs in Chicago at the best price on the market. Avail our services now for the area’s best roofing contractors, so what are you waiting for? Let’s fix whatever roofing needs you may have!.

We’re here to help! If you’re keen to discuss your needs further then speak to our team today. One of our expert commercial roofers will even come to your location to provide a roof installation or roof estimate. They’ll completely assess your current requirements and make sure that you’re getting the best suited solution for your needs.We also are the best roofing contractors company in the area. Avail our services and let our professional roofers accomodate your roofing needs

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Commercial Roof Cleaning 

Avoid major damage and save money with our Commercial Roof Cleaning and Restoration Services. Your roof may not be damaged, but we guarantee that it’s been worn down by the harsh Chicago weather throughout the years.

Our efficient and thorough commercial roofers will bring your roof back to its former glory, preventing potential damage and avoiding the need for major repairs down the track. They’ll get rid of built-up dirt and debris, to ensure your roof lasts a lifetime and does what it’s there to do, protect your commercial property. Avail Chicago’s best roofing company now!

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Lengthen the lifespan of your roof by up to 12 years with our Commercial Roof Maintenance Services. Regularly maintaining your roof is one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to prevent damage and high repair bills down the track. Our maintenance services ensure that your roof gets the care it needs to avoid deterioration from everyday weather, as well as ensuring its adequately maintained to withstand the effects of major weather events. Our proven maintenance plan will maximize your roof’s performance and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

We can schedule our Chicago roofers to maintain your roof according to your needs, whether it be once a month or once a year. Get in touch with our team for a free estimate and advice regarding the best suited maintenance plan for your commercial roofing in Chicago.

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Complete Commercial Roofing Services Combined with Premium Roofing Materials

We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality materials from the industry’s most trusted brands. The ideal combination of having skilled tradesmen and utilizing only premium roofing materials, means our customers are provided with the BEST commercial roofing in Chicago time and time again.

Advancements in technology and development of roofing skills and knowledge means that the lifespan and durability of roofs around Chicago is being greatly improved. Investing in your commercial metal roofing is one of the smartest things you can do to protect such a valuable asset. We’re helping our customers get greater return on their investment by utilizing the latest roofing technology and materials.

Avoid the hassle and even potential costly bills by using our high-end commercial roofing solutions in Chicago,IL. One of our commercial roofers will come to evaluate your location to identify any potential hazards or dangers. The problem may not be as big as you first thought, or you may have caught it just in time to avoid it becoming a major problem. Either way, our Chicago roofers will save you time, money and stress when it comes to your commercial roof.

Our skilled team of commercial roofers work with a range of commercial and office buildings, no matter the shape or size. Some of the types of roofs that we install, maintain and repair are:

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

One of the most sustainable commercial roof types out there, Thermoplastic Polyolefin is made from a reflective and single ply membrane. It’s durable and easy to install/maintain with wide sheets that are tear and fire resistant.

IB Roof Systems

The IB Roof System consists of high performing, quality, durable PVC commercial roofing membranes that have been proven for their longevity. Several IB single ply membranes and assemblies are suited to a diverse range of commercial roof applications. IB Roof Systems and membranes are designed and constructed for ease of handling using a variety of installation methods. They come with polyester scrim or fiberglass reinforcements in smooth and fleece back format, appropriate for use over a broad range of substrates and insulations.

Duro Last Roofing Systems

Duro Last Roofing Systems are made from PVC making them sturdy, weather resistant and long-lasting. They’re designed and constructed to be strong and to resist impact and damage from puncturing weather conditions. They’re easy to maintain and repair which leads to an extended life span.

EPDM (Rubber)

One of the most common roofing materials in the USA and Chicago, Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer is a roofing membrane made from natural gas and oil. It’s extremely durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions and debris, making it a favorite for roofing companies in Chicago. It’s designed to absorb thermal shock, making it longer lasting than more traditional roofing styles.

Low Sloped Metal Roofs

Low Sloped Metal Roofs are convenient and durable with the ability of being installed over your existing roof. This means greater protection for your commercial building, as well as less hassle and downtime when it comes to installation.

Modified Bitumen (Torch Down)

If protection and weather resistance are your main concerns then our Modified Bitumen solution is what you need. Considered to be one of the older styles of commercial roofing, it continues to safeguard commercial properties around Chicago. Applied via torch, adhered, or mopped in place, it’s a favorite for commercial roofing in Chicago.

Don’t see the roof type you need? We’ve got you covered! These are just the most common ones we work with. Get in touch with our team today to discuss our full range of commercial roofing in Chicago. Book now to get your free consultation with one of our professional commercial roofers.

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Experienced Chicago Roofers with Your Best Interests in Mind

We’ve got to know our customers and understand their needs over the last 20 years, so we appreciate how valuable your business is. Our team of commercial roofers work more efficiently and more meticulously than any other commercial and residential roofing services company in Chicago. They’ll work hard to ensure there’s minimum downtime and disruption at your place of business, while at the same time, ensuring high quality workmanship. We’ll plan our work around your schedule to minimize disruption of your day-to-day operations. Due to noise levels, we’re more than happy to work after hours or weekends if that’s your preference.

We service all of Chicago and the surrounds including Schaumburg, Elk Grove Village, Mt. Prospect, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Elgin, and more. We’d be happy to provide you with a roof installation or roof estimate! So what are you waiting for? We are confident that we will be able to accommodate your commercial and residential roofing services needs